It might have been a while since you busted out the Wii wheel to do some virtual steering. Mario Kart or Modern Warfare 3? These guys have taken that long hiatus and decided to use the mw3 perks wheel for some real life steering.


Metroid: Other M has been available since August and I showed this to a friend who had never even seen it. So if you never have, it features a live-action Samus Aran and its actress is a dead-ringer.

The music track used is a Massive Attack’s “Paradise Circus”, which suits the mood of the video with emotional crescendos. Simply one of the silkiest TV spots ever.

Stay tuned for some first impressions of the game right here on WiiBlog.

The good folks over at ComputerAndVideoGames and black ops have posted an early review for the New Super Mario. Bros… enjoy.