What is Wii Emulator? Wii Emulator is an improved version of GameCube. As of today, Dolphin is the Emulator available in the market which is also a GameCube emulator.

However, compatibility of this Wii feature is very low. There is a preliminary Wiimote emulation but unfortunately it’s not working yet. Another version of emulator is Dolphin 64 bit. Dolphin 64 bit is an optimized version of Dolphin Wii emulator as well as GameCube emulator.

What is Dolphin? Dolphin is an open source Nintendo GameCube, Wii and Triforce emulator. Dolphin is only intended for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.  In fact, this is the only emulator that runs commercially successful on GameCube and Wii games.  And this is the only emulator that capable of running commercial Wii games.

In general, emulators allow computer programs to run a platform like computer architecture or operating system. This kind of emulator is known as software emulator. However, hardware emulator is an emulator in the form of hardware devices like printer emulators.

As of today, there are numerous sites that offer Nintendo Wii Emulator Download with reasonable prices. Wii emulator is an open source project released by July 2008 but it reaches a milestone last February 2009. When this emulation made a breakthrough, it is now successfully boot and run the official Wii system Menuv1.0. And fortunately today, it can boot all versions of Wii OS. 

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