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Multiplayer possibilities will abound in new Super Mario Bros. U.

Nintendo relied heavily on the old to sell the new at E3 today, announcing new Mario, Pikmin, Scribblenauts, and Wii Fit titles to sell the upcoming Wii U console and its unique touchscreen controller. In addition to these games, a new title called NintendoLand will bring the classic characters from Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong into one big multiplayer adventure.

New Super Mario Bros. U gameplay was shown, looking much like the gameplay we've come to expect from previous games. What's new? Mario will be integrated into the "MiiVerse," letting you interact with friends or anyone around the world for the purposes of strategy or just trash talking. With the Wii U GamePad merging the functions of a tablet and traditional button-heavy controller, the game can transfer from your TV to the screen in your hands, and let up to five people play at once.

That includes four primary players and a fifth helping buddies out through "Boost Mode."

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Get fit, lose weight, and energize your life with EA SPORTS™ new Wii workout game—EA Active. EA Active uses cutting-edge technology to help you develop a Wii workout plan that fits in with your life. To discover how you can get started with your Wii workout, follow this link: easportsactive.com.

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 EA Active—New Wii Workout Game from EA SPORTS™

If you feel bored doing exercise, Nintendo Wii Fit is what you are looking for. It has a game concept as exercise.  Wii fit uses a unique Wii balanced board that allows software to calculate players or users body mass index and determine user’s height.  It has 50 different activities which includes yoga poses, push ups, and some other exercises.  

Wii fit really takes a whole new concept of games in the form of exercise. Indeed, Nintendo takes a new level of games as exercise. If you wanted to lose weight, this game might be the one you are looking for.

Interesting exercise from Wii fit is:

  1. Yoga – yoga posses starts off with simple and easy at first. It teaches right and deep breathing and some light stretches. As you go along,  if you reached enough points by keeping balanced in every exercises, you will unlock new yoga posses or number of repititions.
  2. Strength training – Strength training includes push ups, plank poses, leg lifts, squats, and others that improves your core strength and muscle tone.
  3. Aerobics – Aerobics exercises includes jogging, hula hoop and rhythm boxing.

Wii fit is really doing something right! This is a new way of losing weight. Actually, it’s not a game, it is an exercise. After 15 – 30 minutes you will surely feel great towards Wii fitness. This game, or shall we say exercise comes on a single disc and a board as mentioned earlier. This balanced board communicates with Wii console wirelessly. Most exercise are short and basic at first. But the as you do more, and the longer time you spend with it, new exercise will be added.


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Wii Fit is an enormous success all over the world. The balance board is often very difficult to obtain as it sells out instantly. This could be hailed as a indication that many people are getting the Wii Fit for their family, to keep them fit, healthy and in good shape. It is no surprise that Wii Fit is hailed as one of the best fitness products out there particularly when combined with EA Sports Active.

EA Sports Active is amazing as it follows all all the movements you make. Just maintain the nunchuk strapped to your leg and you will see movements on the screens depending on the parts of your body that you are moving.This way you can track your work outs more accurately and target specific parts of your body.

Make sure you also get the resistance band that comes with EA Sports Active. It is so easy to use and eliminates the need for weights.

You get reports from your personal trainer telling you about your achievements and other cool stats. Make sure you try out the 30 days challenge mode, you will be losing weight in no time by working out 20 mins a day and burning up those calories while having fun.