Having problems with your Wii? For sure, you’ve already spent hours just to fix it. I myself have experienced that.  If you ever experienced wii errors, you will do anything just to get it fixed.  Wii is one of the great gaming consoles but just like any other games and electronic devices, it’s not perfect, problems and errors may arise anytime.  

Your first option is send your Wii to Nintendo or authorized repair shop.  This option is great however, this is costly. You will need to spend money on fees and shipping.  In my own opinion, this is not the smartest option to opt for if there are much better alternative.

Next option is, get a Wii Fix Guide. This is a much better option in fixing your Wii. Purchasing a guide in order to fix your Wii will cost you much lesser compared to repair shops.  Most Wii guides offer best features.  In choosing the right Wii fix guide, you must be very picky. Some of the most trusted Wii guide is Ultimate Wii Guide and Wii Fix Guide.  

Wii Fix guides offers solutions to different Wii errors and problems like setting incorrect time, delayed response with video, audio or display, stuck on language selection screen, damage or broken cable on Wii sensor bar, disc not recognized error, message board data is full and more!

Most Wii guides are really filled with solutions no matter how frustrating the error is; no matter how serious the problem is, expect to find a step by step solution.  They are also offering easy to follow instructions that allow you to fix your Wii in no time. 

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