If you are fond of playing video games, Nintendo Wii might be one of your favourites. No matter what level of gaming experience, a remote control is always present. Also, if you are fond of playing video games, you know how hard it is to play with a remote control with cords.

With Wii, you will never experience it.  Wii remote control will provide you hours of entertainment together with your family. This remote control only uses a Bluetooth adapter with BlueSoleil software. But this remote control can also be connected to running Windows.

Wii remote is also known as Wiimote is the main input device. It is a wireless device being used when playing Wii. It is the primary controller of Nintendo Wii console. It has a motion sensing capability that allows Nintendo Wii user to interact and manipulate items on screen.

And with the use of attachments, it features expandability. The attachment being bundled with Wii console is commonly called as Nunchuk.

Wiimote can be also use a mouse on windows. All you need to do is to set up your Bluetooth on your computer, download BlueSoleil, install BlueSoleil and open it and then follow instructions.  This remote control gives Wii players the ability to lay games without any hassles from cords.

With this great Wii remote control, users have the freedom of motion and are very sensitive. This will surely take average game playing experience into the new age of technology.

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