Watch in High Definition! Classic Game Room HD reviews the Nintendo Wii ZAPPER gun add-on for the Wiimote to use with shooting games like House of the Dead Overkill and Link’s Crossbow Training! Shoot zombies and happy, child-friendly creatures with this Japanese-produced white, molded piece of plastic that magically transforms your Wii controller into an AK-47 assault rifle, laser cannon or teen rated crossbow. No batteries required, the Wii Zapper gun controller simply works with your battery powered Wiimote to function as a rifle shaped controller complete with a trigger. Solid construction, reasonable price and a pack-in game (Links Crossbow Training) welcome would-be buyers looking for machine gun madness on the Wii. It’s like the Wii Wheel except that it is shaped like an SMG rather than a steering wheel. Classic Game Room hardware reviews cover the newest and oldest video game hardware, controllers, systems and accessories from the past 30 years! CGRHD reviews Wii hardware and games because CGRHD is a Wiiware reviewer reviewing Wiiriffic games and accessories!

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 Classic Game Room HD   Wii ZAPPER review

WiiWare releases have serious PR problems. With no demos to get people's interest, and no simple way for the company to send copies to the press without sending codes to redeem for generic credits, it's hard to get people talking. Nintendo has addressed one of those issues with free, playable demos of select WiiWare games.

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So, I had some friends come up a couple weeks ago for a bachelor party and one of the things we did was go to a Hawks game. After showing up like halfway through the second quarter due to poor planning, we kinda started to enjoy ourselves. That is, until the ridiculously obnoxious pack of 10 year old hyenas two rows down became almost unbearable. Ugh. I mean, is there anything more annoying than a group of 10-12 year old boys? I really don’t think there could be. If I was like terminally ill and got accepted to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, I’d wish that I could beat up an 11 year old boy. Don’t get freaked out, I don’t want to like cripple him or break his nose or do any kind of permanent damage. I’d want it to be like a videogame or something. Probably more Tekken than Mortal Kombat, even I may feel bad when I “FATALITY” an 11 year old. (Side-note: If the whole fight thing wasn’t allowed I’d wish that I could take an 11 year old to his favorite place or game or whatever and buy myself every snack, hat, jersey and anything else he’d want while I didn’t get him anything. The look on his face would be priceless!!) I’d want it to be like nothing happened to him afterwards, but he’d sure as hell remember it and that would allow me to go in peace…

Yesterday was Monday, and on Monday we get new WiiWare & VC games to download. The cream of the crop this week is Max & The Magic Marker. The game is your typical 2D platformer which stars Max as he uses his “Magic” marker to get around the world and defeat the bad guys. As you’d suspect, the Wiimote acts as the marker and everything you “draw” shows up in the game. If Max needs a bridge to get over a gap, just draw it. If Max needs a hill to roll down, just draw it. It’s that simple really. The game, and it’s developers Press Play, have received tons of awards and accolades for this innovative title, so you may want to go ahead and drop the 1000 points on this one. If you’re interested in checking out what the game looks like in motion, just look below. And, just for fun, here’s a link where you can see everything that’s new on WiiWare & the VC this week, which includes the SNES classic Final Fantasy 2. Finally, because I’m hyped over their return, I’m gonna give you the newest video from Reflection Eternal whose album is set to drop April 6. It rarely gets better than Kweli & Hi-Tek teaming up, and I can’t wait to hear the rest. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

Reflection Eternal - In This World (Official Video)

Reflection Eternal | MySpace Music Videos