WiiWare has made a blast last 2009. In fact, it is one of the most innovative additions to Wii gaming platforms.  And it is no accident that this game has become the king of modern video games. It opens a new way or playing games just like inviting the whole neighbourhood for party.  This game is considered to be a ton of great games that can’t be found in other video games. With so many WiiWare games coming up you will surely have problems in choosing WiiWare games. I will share with you which WiiWare games I considered the best, in my own opinion.

  1. Pop – Up Pursuit – It is one of the most talked about WiiWare games. This game is quite similar to family board game, instead of playing at a table you’ll feel like you’ve fallen into your child’s pop up books. With this game, you will use a card and a coin in controlling players to find them face to face with such a strange computer personalities and battling events.  For me, this game is one of the artistic, fun, entertaining and inexpensive games.
  2. Sexy Poker – Unlike Pop-up pursuit which is rated E and suitable for children, this game is intended for adults only.  It is a strip poker game that features six animated women.
  3. 5 Sports party – This game is intended for everyone. This is such a great game in developing your mental skills. Playing variations on popular matching and searching games will enhance your mental capacities. In this game, you have to find the most differences in order to win. Indeed, it a challenging game.
  4. 3-2-1 Rattle Battle – It is a series of mini games that can be played either alone or against friends.  Rattle in TimeRattle Reflex, Tight Rope Rattle, and Rattle Blast are some of the mini games included.
  5. Color Z – It is one of the funniest and intense games. This game is made to enhance the development of your hand eye coordination skills. 
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