INstall homebrew channel on your wii without twilight, works on 4.0 and the new 4.1 Download files from link and extract them. Once extracted place them onto your SD card. INsert Sd card into wii, make sure that wiiconnect 24 is OFF now go onto data management and go onto channels and click on the sd card tab and click on what should be the only channel there. click yes and wait to be taken to a disclaimer, your wii has not crashed but may take a while before displaying a “press 1 to continue” title, be patient and wait for the instructions. INstall both homebrew channel and DVD software and wait for processes to finish. Once the process has completed, go to exit, and you should be taken to the homebrew channel menu, from here you can access the homebrew browser and download a variety of media players, utilities emulators and games, free of charge, without any worrys that your wii will be banned.

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 Wii hack 4.1