I'm standing in front of my television, and as I lift both hands to the air, palms facing inward, the crowd goes wild. They stand and cheer. This is what it has come to: adulation for no effort. It's like I've just received a holy affirmation, and I'm ashamed to admit how good it feels. And this is just a menu in Kinect Sports. The Kinect whirrs to life when you turn your system on. It looks down at your floor, and then up to your face. It knows what your room looks like. My TV was on power-saving mode one night and came to life when I reached for a soda. The Kinect saw my arm movement and assumed I wanted to play. It's like a lost puppy.

My wife is uncomfortable with our television these days, as there are no less than three cameras or sensors facing us when we watch something; it's like facing a firing squad. The PlayStation Eye goes on the top of the television, the Wii sensor goes into a slot under the screen but above the base, and the weightier, mechanical Kinect goes on the TV stand. When the system is turned on there is a green LED that lights up on the front, as well as what appears to be a very weak red laser from the left-most sensor. That's the IR projector that the hardware uses to see in the dark. If Microsoft was right and I am the controller, I pray my system never becomes weaponized. Let's take a look at hardware that claims to be the future of our living rooms.

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There is a lot of ‘What is the best Wii game?’ questions, but I’m looking for a Wii game that utilizes the motion-sensitive controller that makes the gameplay different than on other consoles such as PS3 and Xbox360. The game uses movements and coordination that other consoles can’t incorporate in their game.
Thanks for the suggestions. I have another thing to add: Are there any good tennis or boxing games (apart from Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort) within the criteria I have given earlier? Thanks!

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 What is the best Wii game that utilizes the controller more than other consoles?

The Nintendo Wii has enjoyed amazing success this generation, bridging the gap between hardcore and casual gamers. The low-cost console's innovative motion controls expanded the audience for games, and it looked as if Sony and Microsoft would never catch up in the United States. Both Microsoft and Sony ultimately decided that there's something to the whole motion control thing, however, and have announced products that will soon see them following in the Wii's footsteps.

Sony's entry into the motion control race is the Move, a collection of devices that work together to create motion controls that are more precise than what Nintendo can offer, with games that enjoy high-definition graphics and better frame rates than the Wii can deliver. Microsoft's motion effort takes a different tack, using a sort of camera that will sit under your television and allow you to interact with your games by moving your body and waving your hands. In essence, Microsoft's Kinect makes you the controller. Make no mistake, the Move and Kinect are me-too products. It's no coincidence that both motion control schemes follow on the heels of the Wii's success. The question is how well each product will engage with the Wii's strengths and weaknesses in order to carve out its own success.

After looking at the final pricing from Microsoft and Sony, playing many games on both technologies, and getting a feel for what both companies are after, we've come to this conclusion: Sony's strategy is going to offer more to a wider variety of gamers. That's not to say that it will be more popular, sell more, or make more money for third-party developers—it's just that for our audience, Sony is the better bet as of this moment.

Here's why.

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The July video game sales numbers for the United States have been released, and Microsoft enjoyed some huge gains. This is what happens when you release a smaller system with much-needed built-in wireless for a good price. The Xbox 360 was the best-selling system of the month, with 443,500 units sold.

How did the rest of the systems do? In order:

  • Xbox 360: 443,500
  • Nintendo DS: 398,400
  • Nintendo Wii: 253,900
  • PlayStation 3: 214,500
  • PSP: 84,000

It's not all terrible news for Sony; that number represents a boost for the PlayStation 3 over 2009. "The PS3 and the Xbox 360 platforms both saw significant increases over July '09," NPD analyst Anita Frazier wrote. "In fact, Xbox 360 was the top-selling hardware platform for the month, driven by sales of the new slim format SKU. It's the first time since September '07 (Halo 3 launch) that the 360 was the top-selling hardware platform."

These numbers are endlessly spinnable, and of course Nintendo gamely explained how it won. "Nintendo sold more than 650,000 video game systems in July—more than any other company," the company announced. "These tallies bring the 2010 US sales totals through the end of July for Nintendo DS to more than 3.4 million and Wii to more than 2.71 million."

Video game sales dropped 8 percent from July last year, with sales of $8.18 billion in 2009 and $7.51 billion in 2010.

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