A new legend of Zelda video game will be released anytime soon. It is an instalment for the Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series.  There is no specific information being about this new game except for  the fact that it will be a continuation of the previous game with Nintendo’s next generation platform.

This years instalment is actually the sixteenth instalment of this game. It is confirmed that this new version utilizes Wii Motion Plus peripheral for sword fighting and archery both for staples and series. According to some sources this game is being developed for five years. With this span of time of developing, I think it well made and will surely bring out so much fun for everyone.

Actually, The Legend of Zelda is only the tentative title of this year’s Zelda series.  It is being called and developed by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development. Nintendo has never revealed anything concrete as of the moment which is good I think in order to make their followers get more excited about this game.

According to rumors, this games mechanic and gameplay is complete. Nintendo is currently polishing up games story and characters. At the start you will be able to choose from right or left handed.  Link’s sword is also unique with this game.  But this information is not confirmed by Nintendo yet, but for sure they will create a great game. 

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